EEG Analysis


Jon Silas & Alex Jones


April 3, 2024


This is a companion guide to the module PSY4061 Practical Cognitive Neuroscience and is aimed specifically at helping you with the component of the portfolio linked to ‘EEG Analysis’. Your portfolio is worth 80% of your grade and EEG Analysis and the write up is worth 40% of the portfolio.

You should submit your final functioning EEG analysis write up as part of your portfolio.

Portfolio submission deadline - 15.04.24 10am

See instructions on how to submit your work here

For this part of your assessment, you will have to analyse some EEG data and then answer some general questions about EEG analysis and interpret some EEG data. The EEG analysis is taught in a program called EEGLAB.

The resources and support in this online guide should be used in conjunction with the other forms of support available to you; in-class, via email and in one-to-ones with the module leaders. This whole guide can be downloaded as a PDF or Word document by clicking the download button in the menu and selecting your preferred format.

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